The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth

The Syrian Sports and Youth Authority, in cooperation with Baytna Syria, opened a few days ago the Syrian Child Sports Project “for the third year”, through the launch of the Martial Arts Center in the northern countryside of Aleppo “Bab al-Salama Border Crossing Camp”, In the presence of Mr. Ghazal Hilal, head of the camps office in the Authority, Mrs. Amal Al-Ali, the Children’s and Women’s File Officer in the Authority, Mr. Mohamed Kilani, Director of Bab al-Salama Border Crossing Camp, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Najjar, Deputy Camp Director, representatives of Beitna Syria and civil society organizations and the media.

Mr. Ghazal Hilal paid tribute to the audience through his welcome speech, in which he praised the role of the Baytna Syria organization in supporting the Syrian sports movement, Mrs. Al-Ali spoke about the project in its previous stages, and the importance of providing children with the necessaries and support their talents, a video presentation was presented about the work of the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, after which the audience moved to the martial arts, gymnastics and wrestling show, with the participation of 70 children “males and females”, amid the admiration of the parents and their interaction with the opening.

The project includes four sports centers in northern and western Aleppo countryside “Football in Al-Atarib and a martial arts training center in Kafarnaha – martial games center in Bab al-Salama Border Crossing Camp and Football training center in Jarabulus”, Beitna Syria provided the project with a six-month financial grant, including equipment and tools for children, maintenance of the centers and compensations for supervisors and coaches in the project.

The project aims at training 250 children of different ages, male and female, on games (football, wrestling, gymnastics, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo).

Mr. Ahmed Sharm, member of the Executive Office of the Authority “Project Manager” spoke to the official website by saying:

The project starts in its third year with the confidence of the coaches and the sponsors of the project since its launching, which was in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo in 2015, as the project to serve children and adolescents; I find a greater determination to follow it up, and supervisors centers follow-up, so that the centers will be launched effectively to serve the sports project; the rest of the centers will be start opening next Friday    in the western Aleppo countryside, and in Jarabulus after enjoyable opening show,
which was presented by the supervisors of Bab al-Salama Border Crossing center.

Ms. Amal Al-Ali, the Children’s and Women’s File Officer in the Authority, also spoke:

The children will be trained at a rate of 3 hours a day to improve their physical fitness and teach them martial arts, the center includes nearly 200 children will enter after being selected by the trainers according to the games of their choice, we in the Authority, have emerged groups of children and adolescents in the past two years, through festivals and performances in the courtyard of the camp, in the presence of parents and the media.

It is worth mentioning that the project of the Syrian sports child was launched in 2015, in cooperation between Betna Syria and The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, through four centers in the neighborhood of Zabadiyah – and Ansari – and Sheikh Maksoud “within the eastern Aleppo”, and a center in the Bab al-Salama Border Crossing center in northern countryside. This phase was the first for six months.

In the second phase “four months” were the centers in the neighborhoods of “Sukkari – Al-Ansari “inside Aleppo, and in the area of Rattian” Northern Aleppo countryside – and Bab al-Salama Border Crossing Camp.

Currently, the third phase “there is no center within the city of Aleppo” and the centers are located in Al-Atarib and Kafarnaha (Western Aleppo countryside) – Jarabulus and Bab al-Salama Border Crossing Camp (Northern Aleppo countryside).

Number of children athletes and trainers affiliated with sports centers, martyred “because of the bombing of Russian air force and the Assad regime” and of them:

Brothers Abdul Basset and Ahmed Malas from Judo Training Center – May 2016.

Brothers Zakaria and Abdullah Al Jumaili from Al Rowad teaching School for Wushu Kung Fu (31 – 5 – 2016).

The two children Lujain and Malak Anjarini from the Taekwondo Training Center – on (13 – 10 – 2016).

Children Muayyad Al – Hajji – Mohammad Riyad Taleb – Ghazwan Ali from the football-training center in Aleppo countryside (25 – 1 – 2016).

Child Ahmed Marimni from the Karate Training Center (14 – 8 – 2016).