The Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth

With 100 days to the brutal chemical massacre committed by the criminal Assad regime, against the people of the town of Khan Shaykhun in th
e countryside of Idlib Governorate, which killed 100 civilian martyrs, mostly children, in collaboration with the Khan Shaykhun Sports Club and the local council of Khan Shaykhun and Ihsan Relief and Development Organization, the Jasmine League for the children of Khan Shaykhun, the first of its kind in the liberated areas, were launched Tuesday afternoon.

Children’s teams, “Al-Ihsan, Al-Ahlam, Al-Bashaer, Al-Nour, Al-Baylasan, Al-Zahra, Al-Amal, and Al-Majd” will compete for the first championship title.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Nader Al-Atrash, Vice President of the Syrian Football Federation, the Technical Committee for Football and representatives of the Idleb Governorate Council, the local council of Khan Shaykhun, the Ihsan Development and Relief Organization, the media and members of the Khan Shaykhun Sports Club.

The opening match brought together the teams Al-Ihsan and Al-Maid and ended with Al-Ihsan wining by three goals to one, today’s afternoon “AL-Ahlam and Al-Amal teams” will meet, and also “Al-Baylasan and Al-Nour teams” within the second day competitions.

Mr. Nader Al-Atrash, Vice-President of the Syrian Football Federation, talked about the championship with the following:

It is not easy for anyone to recall the horrific massacre and brutality, by which the Assad regime committed its chemical massacre against the people of Khan Shaykhun 100 days ago, but we can raise the spirits of our children through sport, these tournaments and through competitions that bear the memory of their neighbors and friends martyrs, I would like to thank Ihsan Development and Relief Organization for its support of the tounament, and the local council in the town of Khan Shaykhun to organize the championship in the best way.

It is worth mentioning that the project of the Syrian child football in Idlib has recorded the participation of his children in the course through the selection of small teams from the, football “Hish center”.

Tournament matches will continue until 12 – 8 – 2017.