Syrian league for second division clubs – Idlib – Special.

A fierce competition witnessed by the Syrian football league for second division clubs – Idlib, the whole picture was not clear until the end of the final round whistle, and if you want to qualify, you have to excel, and indeed, after a two-goal delay, Al-Tah stood up and turned the expectations and the scales and qualified.

Maarrat Misrin × Al-Tah 3×2:

Strong and enjoyable match, Al-Tah turned up its delayed by two goals to win that put it among the seniors, the beginning of the match showed a full control of Maarrat Misrin by using fast inter-passes, and the brilliance of Yahya Al-Am and the maestro Firas Al-Boshi, which Al-Tah faced it with a strong defense led by Al-Sultan brothers, with bad coverage sometimes, so Ahmed Barani fled from the offside trap to score the first goals, and then the player Jalal Saleh Najjar scored the second goal with an individual effort.

Al-Tah felt the bad situation, the coach Yaser pushed the Al-Omar brothers and Al-Ramadan into the game to scoring and from penalty, Ahmed Adamah scored the first goal for Al-Tah and by this goal, the first half ended… The second half began with the pressure on the defenses of Maarrat Misrin, who was alert through Firas Hijo and Maher Shahin, and behind them the goalkeeper Fadi, to takes on the match a character of strength and competitiveness, forcing the match referee to raise the red card three times, Maarrat Misrin’s share was two cards… As Al-Shaheen, the middle of the defense went out because of injury, and the numerical deficit. Yasser Al-Ramdan’s sons took advantage of that and managed to equalize through Mahmoud Omar just before the end… with the sunset of the match, the same player managed with an individual effort to draw joy on the faces of the club and put it with the mighty.

Screenshots of the match:

The match saw a great crowd; the president and members of the Syrian Football Federation, and the head and members of the technical committee of football in Idlib attended the match.

“3 expulsion cases” 2 for Maarrat Misrin team – 1 for Al-Tah team

Mr. Mohamed Wael Jabara, Secretary-General of the Syrian Football Federation, spoke to the official website about the league saying:

With the participation of 12 clubs, the second division league finished its 11stages within a brotherly atmosphere of competition… Strong matches, high ethical commitment, and an acceptable audience add a special flavor to the matches; Al-Dana booked the first seats in the first division a week before the end, while the second seat was delayed to the final whistle, after a big game between Al-Tah Who changed its lost 2-0 to winning by 2-3 and Maarrat Misrin who entered the match and draw was enough for it, while Tadamon and Iskenderun took the last standings and dropped to the second division.

We congratulate Al-Dana and Al-Tah for their rise-of and we say to Al-Tadhamon and Iskandron you have to work more.

Anas Hussein, member of the Syrian Football Federation and head of the competitions committee also said:

A great and wonderful work that brought back the spark to revolution, and showed its true image and proved that the Authority is the only sporting institution capable of running the sport on the ground.

The Federation is happy with this work and this strong competition, the proof is that the qualification card has not been settled until the end of the contest whistle, which took place in a wonderful family atmosphere.

The competition was strong and the cooperation was distinctive among the trio (Federation, technical committee and clubs).

We thank everyone for their cooperation, and we thank the technical committee for its great efforts and special thanks to the Syrian Authority for securing all the requirements of the tournament, which gave it a special luster.

Debo Sultan, captain of the team told the official website:

The competition was strong from all the teams without exception, and the level of teams was very close especially in the first six positions, for this reason the decisiveness delay to the final round, congratulations to the qualified, and hard luck to those who were not lucky,and, God willing, we perform a remarkable performance in the first class to be among the big teams.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the completion of this unique league, special thanks to the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, for providing all the requirements of the success of the tournament, and for the Syrian Football Federation, and the Technical Committee for their great efforts that they have made for the success of this tournament, and we hope to remain one and we are very pleased with you.

Azzam al-Kurdi Secretary in Al-Tah club said:

The competition was strong among the six teams, the second qualification was not known until the end of the league whistle. We have made a great effort to get the club up, Praise be to Allaah, and we have succeeded. We thank the Syrian Football Federation for the great efforts they have made on the ground.

Special thanks to the Syrian Authority for Sports and Youth, for securing all the supplies and equipment of the championship and the appearance of the teams in the best.